Maximize logistics business efficiency.

Logistics sector companies are constantly seeking new ways to increase output and streamline costs. Transportation is considered to be a reflection of the maturity and growth of an economy. People and freight movement is the lifeline of a well-connected global economy. Airlines & Leisure Travel companies are increasingly becoming full-fledged Travel retailers who sell a host of ancillary services. Shifting global trade, service commoditization, increasing regulatory pressures and security concerns have pushed the global logistics industry to strive for better agility, specialization and consolidation. The flexibility of air travel, new-age customer experience and personalized promotion management are keys to generating top line growth and driving customer loyalties.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Surging Expenses - Irrespective of how well-executed your business expenses are you are likely to suffer losses accounted to elevated warehousing costs, rising gas prices and product loss due to errors. Adding to these issues is the stagnant economy that lowers the profit margins of a business enterprise.
  • Competition - Across national and international marketplaces a cut-throat competition prevails in the logistics and transportation industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are taking a note of choicest solutions to transport their goods into the markets.
  • Regulations - Complying with the environmental laws as well as the regulations set by governments at local, national and international level can add to the business expenditure.
  • Accessing Forecast and Information - The bottom line of your business will be affected by numerous factors including market slowdowns, seasonal factors and supply and labor shortages. Keeping pace with changing trends in the marketplace, analyzing reports and capturing analytics of your business will your business to adapt the changing trends efficiently.
  • Apprehending Imminent Markets - As the economies in Latin America, Asia and Africa head towards an upsurge, business owners will seek aid from established logistic enterprises to transport raw materials and ready goods.

Find IT solutions that help you meet the challenges in manufacturing and logistics business; cost efficiency, supply chain transparency, and business process optimizing. Logistics management information solutions enable you and your supply chain partners to act proactively in fast-changing business situations.

We can offer you a full service package - how to improve and take command of your

  • Processes
  • IT solution evaluation
  • Project implementation
  • Application management as well as continuous ICT operations services

Intellilink has a strong presence in the Transportation industry. Our expertise spans the logistics value chain right from Pricing Analytics, Rate Management, and Order Management to Fulfillment, Route Optimization, Warehouse Management, and Global Freight Forwarding. We also have strong partnerships with some of the leading solution players in the Transportation and Warehouse Management domain.

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